Donut Delights

Raising two little girls can be tough, especially when trying to live a full, creative life. I am a mom of two little ladies under three years old, and had been searching for a way to include them in my creative journey. One day, I was watching them as they were completely absorbed in donut-magic-love: chocolate faces, sticky fingers and sprinkles in their hair, and I had a Eureka! moment. I should get on their level, abandon all of my boring adult responsibilities (at least for a moment), and start experiencing life WITH them. Going with the flow instead of against the flow has been such a lifesaving transformation for me, both as a mother and an artist. These donuts are my going back to childhood, completely absorbed in the delicious pleasure of everything being magic. They represent the wonderful memories of my childhood and the memories I’m creating for my daughters with a mother who is fully present. 


Each of the donuts painted (as well as many more) were taste-tested and enthusiastically approved by my daughters. For the past six months, my husband and children have indulged my inner child. We have spent our weekends going to far off places, searching for that perfect donut. It has been so much fun exploring the subtle nuances between the crullers from Lil’s Cafe in Kittery (best!) and Kane’s Donuts in Boston. We found that some of the prettiest donuts could be found at a hole in the wall (Donut N Donuts in the Somerville train station) and some of the most fancy, artisanal donuts were just a little too much! But the most fun we had was in being together, in sugar induced comas. I hope these paintings will help you (even for a moment) rediscover your magic.