love and magic

magic is real.

there is magic in every tiny little heartbeat. in finding someone who understands and complements your soul. when he delicately rearranges his life for you. it’s in the feeling of being profoundly sated… the feeling of everything… when you are with your lover and breathing him in. there is magic when two people make a sweet little baby out of nothing but love. the one time in this world where math defies logic, and one plus one equals three.

there is also magic in each exquisitely tender heartbreak. in having the courage to remain vulnerable and soft. in being able to love without the need to possess or be possessed. it’s in every disappointment, failure, and loss. magic is in finding the strength to choose what is right over what is fast, easy, or fun, and to live your values instead of just profess them. it's in grace and forgiveness. and in gently and compassionately holding your boundaries.

there is magic in every cloud, every acorn, every sigh. in the way the ocean breathes - in and out, in and out. it's there when you open a brand new box of chocolates and choose the exact strawberry cream filled one you were hoping for. it's in shared memories, in being relentlessly honest, and in choosing your one true love - every. single. day.

...and then there are the stars.

 strawberry cream, oil on canvas

strawberry cream, oil on canvas